Foreigner Buying Land and Owning Property in Thailand

A look at the ownership rights for foreigners owning land in Thailand

Many foreigners don’t understand the laws surrounding the ownership of Thai land

Many people wanting to invest in Thai land for sale as a foreigner can quickly get confused by all of the laws governing the sector. Before you invest any money, it is imperative that you understand the local laws and what the legality of owning land or property is as a foreign national. It is easier than ever to buying land in Thailand as a foreign national.

It is true that there are a number of restrictions in place that we will go through in this article, however realistically, it is just as easy to purchase land in Thailand as it is elsewhere in the world as a non-native. According to figures released by the Board of Investment, Thailand is attracting international investors to its real estate market in record numbers and areas such as Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Pattaya and Hua Hin are thriving.

Buying a house in Khao Lak

Long Term Leasehold Agreement

The most favourable option is to take out a long term lease, which can be renewed. Long term leaseholds are very secure and are the most popular option for foreigners wanting to find Thai land for sale. A typical leasehold will last for 30 years, and further leaseholds can then be agreed after this usually in periods of 30 years.

Registering a Company in Thailand

Registering a company in Thailand is another way to purchase Thai land for sale, however it is not as popular as it used to be and the long term leasehold is far more desirable. A foreigner is allowed to set up a Thai company to purchase land or property through, and this is a relatively simple process but even though it is still legal, the Thai Government are encouraging foreigners to stop this process.

Land for Sale Thailand – Exceptions

There are some other options that are far less common as foreign individuals are actually legally permitted to own up to one rai of land for residential purposes. However, this will require the foreigner to acquire approval from the Minister of Interior as well as a 40 million baht investment into the Thai economy – which is in normal cases not a viable option. Foreign companies are not able to own Thai land, unless they have a special privilege due to a substantial investment in Thailand. Land can be inherited by a foreigner from a Thai spouse, however this also has many restrictions making it a less than ideal circumstance.

NOTE: Land inherited by a foreigner also has to be disposed of within 12 months of the acquisition.

Investing in Thai land for sale is a relatively easy process when you take out a long term leasehold agreement, but it is important that you seek professional help from a reliable source to help you with the legalities and to guide you in the best direction for your circumstance.

Property in Khao Lak Thailand

Khao Lak Restaurant Food Street

Just off Highway 4, Bang Niang Beach Road is a food lover’s paradise. The 1.5 kilometer road that connects Highway 4 to the beach is known for the wide variety of cuisine available. It is popularity with the locals and year round activities make it a great place for visitors to have a quiet stroll away from the traffic and noise of the highway.

On Bang Niang Beach shopping, up market massage and spa treatments and quality tailor shops mix with multicultural dining options. Choose from a wide array of Thai style seafood restaurants, a popular German inspired beer garden named Bavaria House, Enzo Japanese Fusion and Sushi, three uniquely different Italian restaurants named Pinocchio, Amici and Bella Ciao, Tandoori Palace Indian cuisine and the World Famous Rusty Pelican Mexican Café which is hands down the best Mexican restaurant in South East Asia. New to the food street are a couple exceptional of gourmet coffee houses, namely Café Aon and Anda Restaurant, the latter specializing in homemade English pies and Swedish food. Just opened at the time of this writing is El Toro serving Spanish Tapas in an intimate setting.

Khao Lak food street, Bang Niang

Restaurants in Khao Lak Thailand have an easy going atmosphere and there is something for the entire family. The street hosts a few live music venues and one or two late night bars for you night owls. The best of these are Degree Pub, Sparrow Bar for live music and Gecko Bar for fun till the sun comes up. Khao Lak’s food street is located on Bang Niang Beach Road just 2 kilometers North from Nang Tong center and about 5 kilometers south of Pakarang Cape.

There is a large outdoor market just behind Bang Niang Beach Road that is open every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 2 until sundown. There are rows of vendors selling everything under the sun, good street food stalls with a few friendly bars mixed in. Be sure to visit Mr. Chuays Bar and cool off with a cocktail or cold beer. Khao Niau Restaurant is also a good choice for food and drinks at the market. The Issan style cooking and service are both excellent.

There are local artists showing and selling their works as well.In’s Gallery resident artist/owner is very creative and his abstract works as well as his traditional Thai art are big sellers. He recently opened a second gallery on the market itself. The resorts in the area are all walking distance from the village center. Best of these is Ramada, La Flora, Mukdara and Monochrome resorts.

If world class diving or snorkeling is your thing you have also come to the right place. There are diving operators offering trips for every budget. Day trips and liveaboard trips will supply you with a lifetime of memories. This area is the gateway to the Similan and Surin Island chains and a visit is a must. So on your next visit to Khao Lak grab the family and come on over to Bang Niang Beach Restaurant Road for a most enjoyable dining and shopping experience.

Diving Holidays in Thailand

Avoiding sea sickness when on a Similans liveaboard is important as there is nothing worse than feeling green around the gills while out at sea on a dive boat, while everyone else is enjoying themselves. Motion sickness can happen when the water is flat as the simple movement of the boat can be enough to send some people to the railing to feed the fish with last night’s dinner.

Diving Holidays in Thailand

Keen divers will know how to avoid sea sickness but if you are new to diving or you have recently started suffering from nausea, then don’t panic as there are a few things you can do to avoid to avoid the problem. Diving holidays can be great fun and they can be very rewarding, so to get the most out of your underwater adventure without feeling sick, try the following:

Eat a Meal

Before you board the boat, it is important to have a good meal, as an empty stomach will be more susceptible to irritation. It is usually a good idea to eat around one hour before your boat is due to depart and try and avoid greasy or acidic foods and eat carbohydrates instead.

Go Gingerly…

Many avid divers use ginger to prevent an upset stomach from motion sickness and ginger can be ingested in a number of different ways before getting on your Similans liveaboard from eating ginger biscuits and ginger snaps, to munching on root ginger, sucking ginger lozenges and chewing ginger strips. It works by releasing chemicals that work to relax the intestinal track and reduces nausea commonly caused by a rough sea.

Take Medicine

There are lots of types of medicine that divers can take to prevent motion sickness that can be bought over the counter such as:

  1. Meclozine
  2. Dramamine

Bonine, Antivert, Meni-D and Antrizine are all popular and they work by calming the portion of the brain that controls nausea and they will need to be taken the night before your dive trip.

Focus on the Horizon

If you ate a good meal, snacked on some ginger and medicated yourself but you can still feel your stomach starting to turn, roll and somersault, many companies offering diving holidays suggest you should try looking at the horizon. Focusing on something that isn’t moving is a great way to calm nausea and you should also avoid reading, as the words on a page that move with the boat can also cause upset. Another useful trick that many dive boat operators will advise is to sit still and face the same direction that the boat is travelling, so your brain and body doesn’t get jumbled up trying to balance itself as the boat moves.

The Nose Knows Best

As well as avoiding too much movement, it is also a good idea to stay away from potent smells and odors as this can confuse the signals your brain receives, making you feel sick.

Here are some of the common smells on board a boat that can add to motion sickness:

  • Fumes from the boat’s engine room
  • Perfume from fellow passengers
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Food being cooked in the kitchen

Even on dry land, the smell of other people’s vomit can be enough to make you throw up, so avoid being close to shipmates who are also suffering from a bout of upsetting nausea.

Diving holidays can be sea sickness-free by also drinking water little and often, keeping cool in the shade instead of getting sunburnt in the sun, getting into the sea and sometimes giving in and being sick instead of putting off the inevitable can also help you to enjoy diving in the sea rather than throwing up into it…

Dive safely :)

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